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Subject Description
Age Test Let's see how old you really are, old-timer...
Battleship The old "shoot at them until their sunk" game.
Bigg Personality Tester This personality tester is based on a common test given in Business classes for people to better understand how to interact.
Birth Number This allows you to determine your "number" based on your birthday.
Breakout The classic paddle/ball game.
Bubble Wrap De-stress with bubble wrap.
Button Mania A Mind game where you click buttons to make them all Zero.
Cakes Personality Test This personality tester is based on the kind of cake you would buy.
Cartoon Character Test This Character tester based its answers on your selections, and then assigns you as being like a Warner Bros' cartoon character.
Celebrity Test Like the Shemale Test, see if you can guess the Celebrity from the Look-a-Like
Clickmania Another very addictive computer game (Download).
Cluster a 3D tic-tac-toe applet with slightly different rules, to make it more interesting. Play against the computer.
Color Test Test your real brain power with this color test.
Color and Me Test Select Colors for objects and see how your personality is...
Cool Person Test Test to see if you are cool. (Joke people!)
Dug Out A Java-based Dig-Dug Clone.
English 16 Swap the gold and white pegs in this mind game.
First Name Analysis Analyze your sexual traits based on the first letter of your name.
Fiver The Game of Life.
Flattery Generator Generate some flattery for yourself.
Fortune See your fortune here.
Frog Animation Java Animation of a Frog eating flies.
Fry's Application A humorous Application for Fry's Electronics
Go The bunny grabs your mouse and won't let go without a fight.
Graffiti Fun Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas, original design by Stamen.
Guyness Test Test yourself to see how much of a Guy you really are.
Halloween Test Test yourself to see how much you know about Halloween.
Hanoi (Tower of Hanoi) Mind Game -- Peg Game
Hare and the Hounds The old mind game -- The Hare and the Hounds.
Helicopter "Flight Simulator" An old Eliminator-type helicopter flight game.
Hex-7 Mind Game -- The players take turns placing their pieces on any unoccupied hex.
Hott Personality Tester This personality tester is based on the the answers to some questions.
Ice Blox A Java-based Video game. Kind of reminiscent of the old style arcade games. (Based on Pengo)
Ice Blox Plus A second version of the Ice Blox Game.
Intelligence Test Take this intelligence test
Another Intelligence Test Take this intelligence test also.
Java Clock Move the Java Clock.
Jaw Breaker An executable game, similar to Same. Click the same color and score points.
Job Application Analyzer This is a real test given by Human Relations Dept. at many of the major corporations today.
JTED A Web-Based Tetris-like Game
Lady Liberty Fireworks Fire of Fireworks for Lady Liberty!
Lifetest Take this test to see your life predicted.
Lifetest II Another test to see your life predicted.
Love Tester Use your names to see if you are compatible.
Magic 8-Ball The Magic 8-Ball prediction game.
Mahjongg On-ling Mahjongg. (Some of it is in Gernam, but it is self-explanatory.)
Map Place the state names on the map and pass the third grade.
Mastermind A java-based implementaiton of the old Mastermind Game.
A 3-D Maze Game.
Midget Tossing Shockwave game of Midget Tossing.
Mind Reader The computer reads your mind and tells you what number you selected.
Mind Tricks Check out these visual brain teasers.
Monthly Analysis This one lists characteristics about you based on your birth month.
Noids Prepare to explore the widths and depths of a city full of homicidal robots.
Parachute Land Daffy on the pad.
Peggy Mind Game -- Several variants to the old peg jump game.
Perfect - Are you really? Test whether you are perfect, or not...
Personality Self-test A nice interactive Personality Self Test.
Personality Test Pick an image and find out your personality.
Poll Casting I decided to write a poll casting program. Try it out and comment
Purity Tests Take a purity test and get scored.
Pushme One and Two Molest the buttons at your leisure.
Puzz Traditional slider puzzle.
Rainbow Java-based colorful composer.
Rate your Romance Rate your romance by selecting zodiac signs.
Redneck DMV Application This is a joke application about a redneck attempting to get a license. Make a license and print it out. Note: This is not a legal driver license!
Rubik A Java-based Rubik's Cube.
Same A very addictive computer game (Download).
Shemale or Female Test to see if you can pick 'em out...
Sliders Mind Game -- Slide the blocks of wood to place them in numerical order.
Solitaire A strategy game where the goal is to leave just one marble on the playing field.
Southpark Character Studio Create your own characters from Southpark. This originally came from The Planetarium.
Spirograph (Complex) This spirograph program has 4 major control points, instead of just 2. This one is complex.
Spirograph (Simple) This spirograph program has just 2 major control points. This one is simple to use.
Stop on 100 A neat "stop it on time" game.
Sun Clock A very nice graphical depiction of the current solar position. Many thanks to the creator, Martin Minow.
Tactix Mind Game -- Draw chips to force the other player to take the last one.
Triplets Mind Game -- Place chips and try to make three in a row, first.
Virtual Boss A very funny Boss game (Requires Flash Player, otherwise it is a Download - 868k). Special thanks to Camp Chaos
Warp Action game that would have been typical of the late eighties.
Workers Personality Test Select your Zodiac Sign and find out your working habits.
Yahtzee A Java-based version of Yahtzee.
Zennar-like Psychic Test Test your ability to psychically predict.
Zodiac-based Work Ethics A description of the kind of person you are at work, based on your zodiac sign.
Disclaimer: This web site hosts games, not real life. Please understand the difference.